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Breastfeeding is a personal choice, and if a woman chooses to do so, they should be able to nurse whenever and wherever they need to. An environment where they feel safe and at ease is every moms right, no matter where they choose to express.

Lactl is on a mission dedicated to providing private and dignified spaces for moms when they want them. Our screens offer a private, safe, and hygienic room to be created in an instant which can still be multi-useful when retracted.

Every mom's experience with pumping will be different, and every mom will have a preference for where they feel comfortable nursing. We provide a privacy solution that is available when they need it.

Lactl was born from our partner company KwickScreen, whom has been operating within the healthcare space management realm for 10 years, and is dedicated to manufacturing the world's most flexible room partition screens. Closing the gap between industrial design, innovation, and art.


We believe breast is best, and are committed to reducing stigma surrounding breastfeeding and sharing moms workplace rights to pump. Join the support by sharing our graphics on social media with #lactl and your stories - we want to hear from you!

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