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Assemble in Minutes

Easy, fast assembly reduces construction times allowing you to use your products immediately.

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Our screens are fully retractable, allowing privacy for moms when they need it, and spaces to remain multifunctional when they don’t.

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With a printable inner panel, all of our screens are fully customizable. Allowing you to choose an aesthetic that fits your space.

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Featuring an inside lock, the Lactl is fully secure for complete privacy and peace of mind whilst pumping.


Empowering Pumping.

Lactl is on a mission to provide affordable, dignified and private spaces for breastfeeding working moms.

Not only do all moms deserve a hygienic private space to pump - but it’s the law.

Our retractable partition screens enable you to create a lactation room in an instant, and when it’s not in use retract slimly against the wall - allowing you to keep the space multifunctional for moms when they need it, and open plan when they don’t.



Whether you are a Mom or an Employer, use our interactive map to check the laws in your state.

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