Business Benefits Gained By Supporting Breastfeeding


The FLSA that came in 2010 states that employers must provide a lactation space for their nursing mothers returning to work after maternity leave.

The benefits of these spaces to moms are clear cut - most notably privacy and dignity whilst pumping and a relaxing environment to do this essential maternity step. However the benefits to employers are not as widely spoken about despite being significant!

Here is a list of our surprising benefits that employers can gain from implementing a dedicated lactation space for their nursing moms that you may not be aware of.

Increased Employee Retention

Recruiting top talent is in the best interest of any business. This includes women of childbearing age, who often will be taking into consideration maternity leave policies and lactation support programmes when choosing an employer - even if they aren’t planning on having a child in the immediate future!

In a study of multiple corporations with lactation programs, 94% of employees returned to their company after maternity leave, compared with the national average at the time of only 59%. Do you know if your competitors provide lactation spaces? If not we suggest you get researching as you could be losing talent.  


Increased Healthcare Savings

Breastfeeding supports healthier babies, which leads to less prescriptions, less sick days, less time out of work for mothers attending hospital appointments, and less claims on insurance. On average investing in supporting breastfeeding moms companies report an ROI of $3 for every $1. The most famous case CIGNA reported a 62% drop in prescriptions after implementing their lactation program, and saw a saving of $240,000 a year.

Increased Employee Loyalty, Productivity & Moral

Entering into motherhood is a scary, stressful and tiring time for most. The number one stress after maternity leave that mothers face is worrying about where and how they are going to pump at work.

Taking away this additional burden can have a dramatically positive effect on not only your employees stress levels, but in turn their productivity, moral and loyalty to your company. Happy employees generate good business, good business generates growth.

Enhanced Public Image


Companies with dedicated spaces for mothers to breastfeed have an increasingly positive public image and appear far more attractive to prospective candidates and shareholders. If your brand doesn’t embody maternity positive messages you again could be losing precious talent.

Make smart choices when providing for your employees and see these benefits unfold in positive branding and company values. Positive public image not only attracts more top employees but can boost sales both B2B and B2C. No one wants to buy or use a company with a bad brand.

Remember be proactive! If you are an employee needing a lactation space - talk to your employer, or if you are an employer wanting to provide for your nursing moms get in touch today.


Find out more about how we can help you create a lactation programme for your employees and give them the best that they deserve.

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