Need A Lactation Screen Where You Work?


Use this guide to change where you work and ensure that your workplace provides appropriate lactation accommodations for you and all breastfeeding employees.

  1. Know Your Rights

    Many moms are covered by workplace laws that require lactation accommodations, but unfortunately, not all are. If you are covered by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the law mandates employers to provide break time and private lactation space - that is not a bathroom - for breastfeeding employees. This law, however, doesn’t apply to all and becomes hazy with exempt salaried workers and employees under different Labor Standards. You may find your state has stronger laws that mandate lactation accommodations and protections for ALL working breastfeeding moms. Checking out your state workplace laws will ensure you can present relevant information to your organization's leaders. 

  2. Connect with Leaders

    Ask the person(s) who handles the HR issues in your workplace, to see if you have a written lactation accommodation policy. If not, it is important for your employers to take that first step. A written policy not only documents your rights, but it also ensures that lactation accommodations are a priority rather than an afterthought.

  3.  Show The Business Benefits

    Supporting breastfeeding employees is good for businesses. In a study of multiple corporations with lactation programs, 94% of employees returned to their company after maternity leave, compared with the national average at the time of only 59%. Research also suggests that supporting breastfeeding employees can increase employee loyalty, lower a company’s healthcare costs (breastfed babies tend to be sick less, reducing moms taken sick days), and is far more cost-effective than replacing and training lost workers. Need help to prove it? Share this page with your employer, or click here to fill out our form and we’ll send you all the facts.

  4. Find Your Supporters

    Compared to how long women have been breastfeeding, lactation spaces in the workplace are fairly new. The support towards women breastfeeding and their need for space continues to be an issue that affects women across all job sectors and titles. You need to identify your allies at every level of your workplace, those who are willing to listen and to make changes in support of you - to normalize the conversation. This isn’t about an individual mom, this about helping all families balance their personal and professional goals. 


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