Our Top Picks: The Best Breast Pumps 2019

There seem to be an endless amount of pumps on the market, each offering their own features, being a double or single and don't even get us started on the attachments!! It is understandable how it can get overwhelming to choose! Manual breast pumps are often the cheapest, but a double electric pump with everything included could save you precious time which is especially important to working moms - despite its much higher price tag. 

Here are our top picks of the best breast pumps in 2019: 

Willow Wearable Breast Pump Generation 2.0

The future of breast pumps is now. Although it has a higher price tag, nothing can beat The Willow for convenience and features. It fits in your bra and is practically undetectable, and lets you pump hands free with no attachments or cords - even the motor is right inside the pumps! The pump is ultra discreet, and spill proof and also comes with an app that tracks pump sessions, milk volume and time. 

The Willow gives you absolute freedom, however it does hold our highest price tag. Their website says that some women can claim full or partial reimbursement through insurance, but it would definitely be a good idea to contact your insurance provider to check - it available for reimbursement under FSA/HSA. 

The bags required are also expensive and cannot be reused, so that may be something to keep in mind! It also is only suitable for cup sizes A-H so wouldn’t be a great fit for larger breasted ladies. 

The Willow Wearable Breast Pump retails for $499.99 and is available on their website at shop.willowpump.com

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

Source:  walmart.com

Source: walmart.com

Manual pumps are ideal for moms who don’t need to pump too many times a day, or are travelling and don’t want to have to pack another bag full of contraptions. The Philips manual pump is easy to use and clean as it can be sterilised in the microwave, and fit into your bag. It’s much more discreet than loud electric pumps that could die on you if battery powered when you’re on the move. 

The pump is designed for easy use, It has an angled neck system which allows the milk to flow directly into the bottle by gravity. It can be operated with just one hand and there are massage cushions built into the pump’s flange, the funnel-shaped piece that is placed over the nipple, for comfort and to encourage milk flow.

The Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump retails for $23.49 and is available at many retailers including amazon.com and walmart.com

Medela Pump in Style Advanced

Source:  amazon.com

Source: amazon.com

The Medela pump is a double electric pump, meaning you can use it on one breast or both. It is designed to mimic a baby’s natural sucking pattern, aiming to help you produce as much milk as possible as fast as possible - you can adjust the speed and letdown feature to suit you. 

However, because it is an open-system pump it is impossible to completely sterilise the pump, and also has lots of different parts to clean. The motor is also quite loud, so wouldn’t be best if you want to pump more discreetly. But it is great for on-the-go as a battery pack and car adaptor are available too, and the whole system comes in a very portable tote bag.

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced retails for $181.99 and is available at many retailers including amazon.com and walmart.com

Haakaa Breast Pump

Source:  amazon.com

Source: amazon.com

If electric pumps aren’t your thing, maybe this manual one-piece wonder will be right up your street. It collects milk using only its suction, no buzzing machines or electricity required. This means it’s probably our most environmentally-friendly pump on the list, as it is also made from 100% food-grade silicone. 

It’s also the cheapest on our list by far, and also the easiest to travel with as it is lightweight, small and only one piece - making it so easy to clean too! One Walmart reviewer claimed the pump “is a lifesaver!” as she “caught as much milk using this while I was feeding my baby as I would have with my electric pump”.

The Haakaa Breast Pump retails for $12.99 and is available on amazon.com and walmart.com

Spectra Baby USA S1 Pump

Source:  amazon.com

Source: amazon.com

Some hospital-grade electric pumps reach the 1000s in price, for some women they’re worth the price but if you’re not pumping solely or for too long they may not be much of a bang for your buck - even though they’re still cheaper than formula feeding. The Spectra Baby pump won’t burn a large hole in your pocket, but is also a great pump.

Their products are robust, designed to last and make comfortable pumping much quicker and easier. The pumps are lightweight and with the S2 you can use just one or both pumps at once, depending on your needs. There are multiple other amazing features, including a more hygenic closed system which means milk won’t actually go into the motor, a massage system and a night light! The machine is very quiet, unlike most electric pumps, and has letdown modes that will suit every woman. It is also doesn’t have to be plugged in to work because it is battery powered, so you can use it whilst doing other things or pump on the go.

The Spectra Baby USA S1 Pump retails for $199.99 and is available at many retailers including amazon.com

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